Been There: Dhow Cruise – Dibba, Oman

In late 2010, I was forced to join a dhow cruise in Dibba, Oman. Yes, forced 😀 . You see, it was an office thing and I’m the only female in the department so I’m not really thrilled about the trip. But anyway, I went and tried to enjoy the day. 


On the way to Dibba, Oman

We got the package from Atlanta Tourism and it includes: 

  • Two Way Transfer
  • Full Day Dhow Cruise in Dibba
  • Lunch on Board
  • Banana Boat Ride
  • Swimming  
  • Snorkelling Equipment
  • Fruits & refreshments
  • Fishing

There’s four of us in this trip.  The “transfer” was a small sedan. I just can’t get over it. I mean most people here are on the chunky side, how can you expect to fit 4 grown ups with day bags in a small car? Anyhoo, we used a colleagues 4×4 instead and followed the car. The trip was about 2 hours with a short stop in a cafe.  When we arrived at the border, we were asked to present our Emirates ID’s and passports. I almost cried when the police told me that my Emirates ID was expired and they couldn’t let me in. I mean, O. M. G.!! How am I supposed to go home? 

So my colleagues talked to the police and they eventually let me go on. I remember being so shocked to learn that my ID was expired. All of us got our ID’s together, how come mine expired ahead of the rest? Anyhoooooooo, we arrived at the port.


at the Port

So relieved that I wasn’t asked to stay behind!!!


As soon as we got on board the boat, we looked for our sweet spot and enjoyed the light breeze. I actually fell asleep with the calmness of the sea.


The anchor was cast near the beaches of Zighy. Here we were told that we can enjoy a quick swim before lunch. The staff provided everyone with snorkeling gear (which made me think … do they clean these?! Is this sanitary??) I don’t know if it was just the time of day or something, but the water was horrible. It wasn’t clear and there were stuff floating around. Despite my apprehensions, I went ahead and snorkeled. I should have just stayed on the boat!


Murky waters. Ugh. My skin started to get itchy while in the water so I washed up immediately. I guess everybody felt the same way because everyone didn’t stay in the water for too long.  

Lunch followed soon after. The food was so -so. Nothing to write home about. 😀 


The “captain” said we will move along and start fishing. We were given fishing lines and was left to do whatever we want. HAH! I don’t think I caught anything. Some were very lucky tho!


I guess I was in the wrong side of the boat because … ugh, dead fish floating!!


When everyone got tired of “fishing”, we started to go back to the port. Some of us lounged while some watched the staff pry open some clams. It was fun watching them applaud every time a clam opens and there’s a pearl inside. 


Around 4 or 5 pm (can’t remember because, hello!! this was in 2010. LOL), we arrived at the port and started our journey back to Dubai. 


This trip wasn’t all fun for me. I don’t know if I would try it again. Maybe if I’m offered a better service, I’d reconsider. 

PS. The package says there’s a banana boat ride which never materialized. 😛

Have you been to Dibba, Oman? How was your experience?

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