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You won’t believe the amount of white hair I have acquired in the past years. I still remember that day, not so long ago, when I was about to turn 30. I was inspecting my face closely in the mirror (I am vain, yes I admit) Very little lines on my face, no significant discoloration, a little dry but nothing a good moisturizer can fix. 

Then I made the mistake of running my fingers through my hair. Oh the HORROR!! On the right side of my head, behind my right ear… there it was — a streak of silver (not white!!). I was mortified. My legs suddenly felt weak but I had to check thoroughly! I realized that tears were in my eyes as I lift section per section of hair … checking every strand (well, not every strand coz that would be stupid and impossible!)

Apparently the whites are hidden, if that’s any consolation. Since then I have been coloring my hair. DIY of course. Because as much as I am vain, I am very stingy! LOL!

Over the years, the silver/grey strands has been getting bolder and bolder. They started out hiding underneath but now… they are proudly showing off! Even the baby hair on my hairline is white! I even have white hair on my eyebrows!! (gasp!!)

Because there’s a curious toddler who’s following me everywhere, I can’t do my regular hair color. It has been way overdue and the whites are showing. While buying groceries I spotted this:

Actually I’ve seen this before but I did not need it then and I was not sure it’s effective.

Directions for use below:

My verdict:

I bought the dark brown version since I have fiery red hair from my last DIY dye. (Black streaks would probably look weird on red?) I followed the instructions and yes, it did cover the whites (gray) but not as dark. It looks like blonde/light brown streaks. Better than nothing, right?

However, I do not like that it makes my hair sticky. Coz literally it looks like clay on a comb. And try putting clay on your hair… sticky, yes? So don’t expect you’d have the same soft, flowing hair like on the package. 


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