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When Blake was 2 weeks old, I bought a baby carrier from the Baby Company. It was actually an impulse buy from my side. We were in the mall and it was not comfortable to carry my baby. We didn’t have a stroller yet so we were just taking turns in carrying Blake while her cousins are doing some shopping. 
I knew I’d regret buying this the moment I paid for it. 
We tried putting Blake in it and I couldn’t figure if it was too big for her or she’s just too small, being just 2 weeks old and all. I could see that she wasn’t comfortable in it. The sides were covering her face, her body was almost “folded”. I was afraid that I’d break her back with this thing.
I gave the carrier another shot today. Blake is already a month and a few days old. She can now hold her head on her own, I figured she’ll be OK in this carrier. I was wrong. 
We couldn’t find the right position for her. She looked “twisted” inside the carrier. I could still break her neck in one wrong move. TSK TSK!! 
Carrier FLOP!!
I also bought the Saya Baby Carrier from Indigo Baby. I got the Versa Tekk Blend (size 2) in Navy Blue. 

Before I made my purchase, I did some research. I found some instructional videos in youtube, a couple of reviews and how-to’s from fellow bloggers. It looked really easy to use. Also, the transaction was handled professionally and I got the package just a few days after.

One day, I mustered enough courage to test it on Blake.

The size chart said I should get size 2 since I’m “plus sized”. First thing I noticed, the Saya Baby Carrier is really tight on me. I wasn’t sure if Blake would fit in it. I had to ask for assistance to put my baby in. It seemed that we were successful.

Then Blake started crying. She wouldn’t stop and I just know that this is not OK. I removed her from the carrier. The crying stopped. She looked relieved. I WAS relieved.

Between the two carriers, I will still choose the SAYA BABY CARRIER. I just need to find the confidence and conviction that my baby will fit.

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  • Tisha Zablan

    Hi there, if you still wish to use a baby carrier wrap, let me know. There is this great carrier wrap that I know which is locally made. Fits babies from birth to 3 y/o 🙂

    February 11, 2012 at 2:51 PM Reply
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