How to Apply for UK Visa in Dubai

How to Apply UK Visa

Before “B” was born, my frequent destination is UK. In fact more frequent than our home country just because it is much easier for me to fly there on a standby ticket. In this article, I will share the process that I followed when we applied for a UK Visa for Entry to UK from Dubai.

Tourist / UK Visa Application Process

  • Plan your trip in advance. UK visa can be applied up to 90 days before the scheduled date of arrival. [For other nationalities, click here to check if you require a visa to enter the UK.]
  • Download the visa requirement checklist for a tourist visa. Review the checklist and ensure that you have or will have the requirements ready on the date of the application. Submit only authentic documents. They are quite diligent and they do check if documents submitted are authentic.
  • Fill up the online tourist visa application form in this website. Registration is required. Payment is also online.
  • If you do require a tourist UK visa and if you don’t already have, register for an account to access VFS Global Services
  • Save and print your application.
  • Plan for a date on when the application will be submitted for appointment. Ensure that all the requirements are ready on that date.
  • Review your application form before scheduling an appointment. Once an appointment is scheduled, you will not be able to edit the application form.
London 2005

London, 2005. Back when we didn’t have a proper camera!

Interview / Appointment

  • Once you have an account, login to your account by clicking on the Book an Appointment Link
  • Once you are sure that all the requirements will be ready on the date of the application you are now ready to schedule an appointment pay the required fees for VFS services.
  • On the day of the appointment, ensure that you have all the required documents as stated in checklist. Be at the VFS at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Go to step one presenting your appointment letter. Take a number and go to the application room.
  • When your number is called a VFS employee will check your documents. Listen and follow the advice of the VFS employee they are there to ensure the highest possibility of success of your application.
  • Proceed to the biometric collection room.
  • Take the receipt with reference number and keep it safe as you will need that to collect your passport.
  • You can know the status of your UK visa application by opting for the SMS Service at the time of submitting your application at the visa application centre.
  • After a decision has been made, your documents will be delivered to you by post if you have selected this option. Otherwise, you can pick them up in person from the visa application centre.
Wales 2005

Wales, 2005

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