To Family, To Friends, to Life – here’s to being 40

They say life begins at 40, if that’s the case, consider me reborn. Today I turn 40. Here’s to being 40 with Family, and friends.

To Family



Last year, we achieved a milestone in our family, we celebrated my mother’s 60th birthday. We are a global family, so last year’s celebration is a big thing for us. After more than 20 years, we all managed to be in one country, one place at the same time. My family wanted to celebrate my 40th in the same way but the schedule doesn’t work for everyone in the family and the cost is just not practical.

To Friends

Al Aryam Camping

The last 2 years gave more friends and acquaintances here in UAE than the first 14 years I have been here. I did not expect that social media can bring real social connection. I know more people because of this blog. I’ve met a lot of like-minded people who are very good story tellers, whether it be travel, food, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. The one thing that is common is the passion and the love to tell stories.

Looking back at the things I’ve done

I’ve had a colorful life. We lived in 3 cities before I moved to UAE. Most of my childhood was in part of the Philippines that is considered as notorious. Lets just say that I support President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s war against illegal drugs.

Immediately after high-school, we moved to the south of Manila. When I look back to what I wanted to achieve when I was in high-school, I can say to myself, “well done“. I did achieve what I wanted when I was younger. To have a loving family, a stable job, a car, a house.

In fact, I am happy that I was even able to achieve more. I was able to travel to different countries. I was able to stay in high-end hotels and eat fantastic dishes.

Looking forward

Just because I have achieved what I set for myself doesn’t mean it’s enough. At 40 my goal is different. Now my goal is for my family … for my kids. I have to make sure that they too achieve their own goals, to protect them from uncertainties of life. Here’s to family, to more friends, to living longer and healthier and to 40 years more.

40th Birthday


The sad truth in a global family

ek333The era of aviation made global travel easier, faster and more affordable. It used to be that families stay within 20 miles from where they are born. With the rise of aviation paved the way in the rise of global family.

What is a global family

A family whose members are geographically distant from each other. Lives in a different time zones and rarely sees each other in person. Read more

How to Get Entry Permit: Residence Visa Holders who Stayed out of UAE for 6 Months

There are many expatriates who are residents in UAE. In general, expatriate residents should not be outside the UAE for more than 6 months in order for their residence visa to remain valid. A special entry permit is required to be able to return to UAE after six months.

There are circumstances that going back to UAE every 6 months is just not practical. This procedure applies to the following:

  • Foreign wives of UAE nationals
  • Domestic workers accompanying local students who are studying or undergoing medical treatment abroad
  • Expatriates seeking medical treatment outside the country along with those in their company
  • Those who are employed in the UAE public sector and are overseas for work or sent abroad on training courses

Entry Permit

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Currently – February 2017

Currently FEBRUARY 2017

Currently February 2017

I’ve been struggling with my writing again. I’m just forever exhausted for some reason. I  have a long backlog of posts that I need to finish and hopefully I can do that before our trip! Anyway, just to update .. 


starting to be mindful of what I eat. I need to maintain (if not lose!) the current weight for health reasons. It’s been a struggle for a very long time. Back in late 2010, I took charge and started running. A few months after, I found out I was pregnant with B. I never got “that” active again after the pregnancy so here I am now. Don’t get me wrong, I did try but somehow I never got my groove and inspiration back so it was all stops and starts. :/

enjoying the cool weather still. A little bit too cold for the beach but we’ll get to that sweet spot where the temperature is just about right. Not too cold, not too hot (and humid!).

planning our US trip (still!). Tickets are booked, visas secured. We just need to find out where to go aside from Disneyland! LOL

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celebrating my birthday month (March)! Woohoo. It’s also my blog anniversary so watch out for some giveaways (ehem looking for sponsors. Ha Ha!) 

…feeling … exhausted! LOL. I’m thinking maybe a vacation is just what I need. But then again, with the time difference and the unforgiving jet lag, I’d probably be more exhausted after that trip. 

So what’s up with you? Share in the comments section!

An inspiration from India’s First Michelin Star Chef

I work in the aviation industry with academic background in information technology. Who would have known that I would find inspiration from a chef? Not just a chef, but India’s FIRST Michelin Star Chef.

A conference on Innovation

I recently attended the BOLDTalks Innovation 2017 event. This event is something that I look forward to every year because the topics are very engaging and relevant. This year’s event included the a Chef as one of the speakers. You’d ask yourself, what does a Chef have to do with innovation?

Indias First Michelin Star Chef - A B & Me

The journey of India’s First Michelin Star Chef

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Savonoi – Handmade Soaps, Why I like them and why you should too!

A few weeks ago, I was given samples of Savonoi handmade soaps to try. It took me a while to write this post because I wanted to really try these soaps out.

If you’ve noticed, I don’t really do a lot of reviews on this blog. I do give exceptions to products that I like and bonus points when the product is from small/medium sized businesses. 

What is Savonoi?




Savonoi is a combination of two words – Savon which comes from Old French savon ‎meaning soap” and noi, a play on the word “pinoy” which is an informal word for “Filipinos”. Therefore, savon + noi (noy) = Savonoi. 

Savonoi is a home based business by a Filipino couple in Dubai. They started making their own soap when they couldn’t find a solution to their extremely dry skin problem. They decided to share this success with other people who might be having the same issues. Their soap range and variety has expanded since then. 


What I tried:

  • Savonoi 5 in 1 – a combination of coconut oil, virgin olive oil, castor oil, papaya, banana, lemon and carrot extracts, essential oils and organic ground oats. 
  • Moroccan Argan – a mix of coconut oil, virgin olive oil, castor oil and original Moroccan Argan oil. 
  • Moringa – coconut oil, virgin olive oil, castor oil, moringa extract, imported essential oil, and organic ground oats. 

What I like about Savonoi:

  • They have different varieties that suits your needs. 
  • It’s handmade and organic using only fine materials. 
  • Their soaps have very mild scent.
  • It’s Filipino made — yes, I’m a little biased here — Pinoy pride, yo!

My favorite would have to be the Moringa Soap. Moringa (Malunggay) is a superpower! Combine it with oats, you have super soap! I swear by the effects of bathing in oats. 

I was 27 when I got chicken pox. That’s a disaster because apparently, the older you are, the more blisters you’re gonna get! I searched for ways to make sure that I am comfortable during this time and guess what? Oats is the answer. I placed a cupful of oats on a cloth and gently pressed on my blisters while taking a bath. The liquid from the oats helped with the itchiness and dried up my blisters in just a few days!

What I do not like:

  • It melts easily but that is the case for most organic handmade soaps. I asked the makers of Savonoi and they said this is because they do not use stearic acid which makes the soap hard.  So keep your soap away from wet areas. 

Where to find Savonoi:

You can find them online in Facebook: Savonoi Handmade Soaps, and on Instagram: @savonoi1283. They also have a Youtube Channel: Savonoi Handmade Soaps. They also participate in bazaars so check out their social media handles for more information or email them at


Disclaimer: products were provided to me for review but all opinions are based on my own experience and remains uninfluenced. This is not a paid post. 


Currently – January 2017

Currently – January 2017

It’s the last Saturday of January!! Can you believe it? 
The month is flying by and I only posted 2 blog posts (three, including this). So, to update, I’m writing down my “currents”.

Currently January 2017

How does it work? I picked 5 prompts (others use more) to keep everyone up to date (everyone who is interested, that is!). Here goes: Read more