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When I learned that Wicked is going to be in Manila, I immediately asked told my sister that we should watch it together. You see, she has seen Wicked already (twice, if I’m not mistaken). I, on the other hand, have not.


For this to happen, we had to orchestrate an elaborate vacation plan. I am in Dubai while my parents and sis are in LA. We have to take some time off work and that’s not always easy. Suffice to say that this took us about 5 months to finalize. It wasn’t easy to request for vacation days for all of us and that’s between the show dates!

Don’t ask!

So it happened, finally. My sis can’t be even more thrilled for me. And I’m more than excited for that day! I stressed out on what to wear. Do I have to dress up? Casual? Heels or flats? Eventually I decided to wear a dress that was given to my by Grace (Sandier Pastures). We call it the “Kate Dress” because this was from the same maternity line that Kate Middleton wore while pregnant. (Yes, I wore a maternity dress. Whatever. It’s a Kate dress. LOL!!)Here’s a funny story:

We had to commute from our house to Mall of Asia where we will be meeting Mindy (MindyTV) and Sol (Digital Traincase). That’s quite a ride from where we live. We had to transfer 4 times. Anyway, we took the MRT (metro). It was quite packed and I’m not comfortable walking and pushing especially in a dress. I just wanted to get out of there and get a cab. So on my way out, I felt a slight breeze on my thighs and butt. I didn’t think any of it until my sister, who was behind me started pulling on my dress.

So yeah, I flashed my butt in the metro. If you were behind me that day, so sorry. Hope you liked my butt. LOL!

{edited to add: the hem of my dress got caught on those rotating bars when you enter/exit the station. It was not intentional, just to be clear. :p }

Back to Wicked. I love love love it to bits! As I’ve said, its my first time so I didn’t know the story. At one point, I gasped loudly during a scene that made Mindy giggle. I loved how everything connected. Loved the songs (of course). Mesmerized by the talents and I was just in plain awe.

Here’s another story:

During the break, when almost everybody went out to relieve themselves, my sis and I stayed in our seats. We took photos — seriously who doesn’t? We were talking about the show when we heard a yelp. It was that kind of hushed scream — does that make sense to you? I turned around in time to see a lady staff rolling down the steps. She was literally tumbling down while shouting expletives. Thank heavens she was able to stop!

I think everyone was too stunned to do anything. Imagine, we were sitting at the farthest, top most part of the venue. If she didn’t stop, it would have been disaster! Apparently, her heel broke while she was trying to find somebody (who was seated on the row in front of us). She gathered her composure, finished her task and left as if nothing happened. (I swear the lady she was talking to was even a bit bitchy while talking to her — or maybe I just imagined it?)

That scene kept playing in my mind the remainder of the show. It did not ruin the show for me but let’s just say that it took me a while to stand up when everybody gave a standing ovation at the end.

I could watch this show over and over again. Maybe a different production next time.

And it was extra special because I got to do it with my sis and close friends. We had a blast that day!

I hope they come to Dubai. Or maybe I just go to London, yes? A good excuse to travel. 😛

Have you seen Wicked? Leave a comment below!

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