Weekend Bonding

I’m always looking forward to weekends.  Working moms don’t get days off. We are not in the office but we also don’t get to rest the way we used to! Nevertheless, I still get excited about weekends. Whether we stay at home or go out, its always special for me because its the time we get to give B some quality time.

During summers, when the temperature shoots up ridiculously … we prefer to stay inside the house, or maybe go to the mall. It’s just not possible to do something outside in this heat!  But since the weather is getting better now … (hello Dubai winter!!) we can now do some outdoor activities. Going to the beach during winter is not something new here. 

Anyway, I spent some time with B at the park last Thursday. Just the two of us. I packed some food and brought  an old bed sheet so we can lie on the ground and watch the birds. 


Only, B had other things in mind. The quiet, relaxing time I was looking forward to ended up to be a full on exercise! She kept running away. And I of course I keep on running after her. She probably thinks we’re playing tag!

I’m happy when she’s happy, so all is well. 

x x x

Dear B,
You are growing up so fast! I know one day you’d prefer to hang out with your friends. I am going to miss this. 
Love, Mommy. 

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