Wall Climbing / Sky Trail

I finally got the chance to try wall climbing. Not only that, I also try Sky Trail in Mirdif City Center!
My nephews were visiting and I couldn’t think of any other activity aside from this. You know, boys … I figured they’d want something “testosterone-y”
My nephew. Can't believe how much he's grown!

My nephew. Can’t believe how much he’s grown!

I really wanted to try wall climbing even before. It is actually something that I can now cross off my list. So when they told me that they will only do it if I join them… of course I agreed.
Above: that’s me reaching the top. This was one of the easy “trail”. Don’t be fooled, its not as easy as it looks.
Yep, that’s me. belly fat and all. The first time I reached the top, I couldn’t let go. I didn’t know how to go down. Much like Sheldon Cooper when he went wall climbing with Kripke. (Fans of The Big Bang Theory show would know what I’m talking about!) I almost fainted. The guy kept telling me to just let go. He will catch me … or that’s what he said. Coz when I finally let go, he was already attending to another girl.

Let’s just say I landed on my butt. I mastered going down just after a few tries. As if pulling your own body weight wasn’t enough, I was forced to do the SkyTrail too. The younger nephew decided he doesn’t want to do it. It’s already paid for so I had to go.


Sky Trail is exactly what it is… a sky trail. You have to go through an obstacle course which is suspended along the ceiling of the mall.

It is not easy! Especially when my nephew got scared and didn’t want to move. HAH!

Somebody had to “rescue” us. Even so, I know he enjoyed it cos he said he’ll do it again with his Dad.

It was scary fun and I highly recommend it if you’re after the thrill. It’s totally safe for children and adults.
SkyTrail and Wall Climbing is at Mirdif City Centre – Magic Planet.

PS. crappy photos courtesy of the kids. :-p

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  • My Yellow Bells

    can you pleasseee take me with you when you sky dive!!! pretty please!!!! muah miss you

    May 19, 2014 at 2:31 PM Reply
    • Sheila Sheila

      Hi Carla! Yay!! Let’s do it together. I’m just gathering more guts to finally do it. Maybe next year?
      I want to lose some more weight before I sky dive. (I’m within the acceptable weight but for my own peace of mind, I want to be at my best form when I do it.)

      May 20, 2014 at 7:56 AM Reply
  • My Yellow Bells

    Sheila, you are becoming an adventure junkie after the zipline 😀

    May 18, 2014 at 11:09 AM Reply
    • Sheila Sheila

      I’ve always been a thrill seeker. I just “mellowed” down when I got pregnant. LOL

      I still want to do sky dive, bungee jump, and do a lot of traveling if time (and budget!!) permits.

      May 19, 2014 at 3:48 AM Reply

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