Traveling Tips: How to Apply Makeup in a Car or Taxi

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Traveling Tips: How to Apply Makeup in a Car or Taxi

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Sometimes you just don’t have all the time you need to get ready before you have to be somewhere important. Or sometimes you are already out and realize that your makeup needs a touch up. Either way, you are forced to put on makeup while you’re in the car or the taxi on your way to where you’re going.
You are bound to run into these situations more often when you are traveling and your day consists of moving regularly from one place to the next. Here are a few tips for how you can apply makeup in a car or taxi and still get a flawless look:
Never Put on Makeup While You’re Driving

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First things first: Safety. Never ever put on makeup while you’re driving. Yeah, we’ve all done it. Yet we all know that we shouldn’t do it. Not only are your hands busy, but your face is directed into a mirror instead of on the road. You’re not looking where you’re going, and your hands aren’t free to react quickly to any issues on the road.
Wait until you’re the passenger to put on your makeup. If you have to, ask your traveling partner to drive so you can focus on putting on your makeup. Or, if you’re alone, spring for a taxi.
Wait Until You’re at a Stop

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Even if you’re not driving, it can be challenging to put on makeup in a car. The movement can make it difficult for you to hold your hand steady, causing you to get an errant line somewhere on your face at best or to poke yourself in the eye with a liner at worst. That’s not even taking into account sudden stops or swerves.
Do yourself a favor and wait for stop signs and stop lights to put on your makeup. If you’re doing a lot of highway driving, just wait until you get to your destination and take a few extra minutes for your touch ups.
Keep It Simple
Riding in the car is not the time to put on fake eyelashes or to attempt fancy designs with your eye shadow. Keep it simple to get the best results. That means one color on your eyelids – maybe two. That means skipping the eyeliner or smudging on a dark eye shadow instead. You won’t be able to bronze and highlight and blend. You’ll have to focus on a few simple applications and leave it at that.
Use an all-over concealer, or just pat on some powder. Choose a tinted lip balm instead of applying a lipstick and liner. Just keep the application and the overall look as simple as possible.
Use a Compact

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Keep it simple with your tools, as well. Instead of carrying a whole brush kit with you, just use products that are designed to be convenient. For example, use a compact instead of loose powder and bronzer. Use an eye color pencil instead of shadow. Use a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation and sponges. Try to use products that combine tools or products for one simple application.
Don’t Use Sharp Instruments
The car is not the place to curl your eyelashes or to tweeze your brows. One simple jerk of the car when you start to move and weren’t expecting it or when someone brakes suddenly in front of you could result in you jabbing yourself in the face and maybe even causing serious damage. Skip tools entirely where possible, and just use your fingers or tissues to apply powders and shadows.
Applying makeup in the car isn’t easy, but you can do it by following these simple tips. You’ll make it to your destination safely, and you’ll have a look that’s pulled-together and beautiful.
What are your tips for putting on makeup in the car? Share them in the comments!
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