To Pierce or Not To Pierce

Just because she doesn’t have pierced ears means she’s a boy

“Why doesn’t she have earrings?” 
I’ve heard this question like a gazillion times already. I’ve heard them from strangers, friends and relatives.  Apparently they think a baby’s gender depends on ear-piercing. HA! And that’s not all, they also advice that I do it while Blake is still a baby so she won’t feel it. 
I know they have good intentions at heart but I would still not pierce my baby’s ears. This is why:
It’s her body. As much as she is my child, she is also another human being. I respect her and I will not decide for her on this matter. 
For me, piercing is a matter of personal choice. I can’t remember if my mom had my ears pierced when I was a baby but I know that I had it done when I was in second or third grade (around 8 or 9 years old). I wanted to have my ears pierced, I told them. I begged. I remember my dad doing it but they have prepared me for it. We had the talk.
“It’s going to be painful. You’ll have to clean it yourself. You’ll have to take care of it.”
I agreed. I really wanted it. And then I remember the pain. It was painful. VERY! But then again, it was a decision I made. So I knew what I was getting into. 
Fast forward to now… 
I decided that I will not be bullied by people who thinks that all baby girls should have pierced ears. Just because she doesn’t have earrings means she’s a boy. She’s a baby and I will not put her in a very painful situation. She might not remember but I will. 
Aside from the pain, there are other factors to consider. A baby plays and pulls things a lot. Imagine your baby grabbing her own ear lobe and then screaming in pain because she has fresh wound. 
Also, what if she accidentally swallows the earring? This could happen you know.
We’ll just have to deal with the ear-piercing when she’s older, like 12 or 13. And also, only when she wants to. We will make it like a mom and daughter bonding thing. 
That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

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