Things No One Warned You About Life As A Parent

Actually its 26 Things … and the original post is here

Project Happily Ever After

I stumbled upon this site and I was either nodding my head or laughing and at one point, I was doing both!

Here are some of the points that I really liked:

7. After you give birth, you will begin to hate your spouse and wish he or she would just drop dead. 

– Yes, totally! And I know WHY!! He gets to sleep soundly. I mean the kind of sleep that would embarrass Sleeping Beauty. And when I say “soundly” … I mean literally he’s making all sorts of sounds! So yeah, between the constantly nursing baby and the spouse? I am the Walking Dead.

9. Your boobs will look Pam Anderson fantastic during breast-feeding. Love it while it lasts. As soon as your child weans, your boobs will deflate faster than a balloon with a hole in it. And they will get saggy, too. This is the single most common reason why many women decide to have more than one child.

– I’m actually afraid of this fact! I don’t want my boobs to look like suspenders! 

11. There will be a day at some point after parenthood when you find yourself out in public and realize any or all of the following: a) your shirt is inside out b) there is food on your shirt c) you forgot to brush your teeth… and your hair d) you forgot to put on your pants.

– I think I’ve done all of those and then some. Forgot to put on my deodorant one day and forgot to brush my teeth the next. And those are something  I do everyday. How can one forget something that they have been doing everyday?

12. All of those expressions you learned from your parents that you swore you would never repeat? You will say them to your child, and you will say them many, many times.

– Oh my mom is really liking this phase. It’s like payback time for her. HAH!

26. The day you give birth, your hair will start to gray and you will start to grow a mustache. It happens to the best of mothers. Thankfully, there are plenty of cheap hair removal products, not to mention dye

I already have white hair before I had Blakey… but I swear its now ten times worse!


What are your favorites from that article? Please share in the comments section!! 🙂

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