The Weaning Battle

It was just a couple of hours before my trip to Istanbul and I was still in Deira City Center. If you saw someone crying while doing her shopping last Wednesday, that would be me. 
You see, it’s the first time I’m going to leave the Little One. We have not been away from each other since she was born. There are times that I would come home late but we would still be sleeping beside each other at the end of day. It was not easy for me to leave her. 
But, since I had an opportunity to travel, I went for it. I thought, “this does not happen very often” and it is perfect timing for me to start weaning B. It has been more that two years and I think its enough. I have been feeling all sorts of pain (from side lying and I have been gaining a lot of weight lately) so I thought if B stops breast feeding then I will have time for myself. My brain tells me that this is the right move. 
… but my heart says something else. 🙁 I don’t want to be disconnected. It feels weird to be far away.  I let myself feel the sadness for a bit then I sucked it up and left. (I did enjoy my trip … more on that on the other blog
After being 3 days of being away, I have never been more excited to come home to this: 

She has been looking for me every night. She kept everyone awake with her cries. More importantly she kept asking for the breasts. The first night, she lifted her nanny’s shirt!! 

She hasn’t had breast milk for 5 days now. She still asks and cries whenever I refuse to give her “dudu”. But there has been significant improvement. Let’s see if we can keep this up. I just hope she doesn’t feel that I am abandoning her or that I’m being mean. 

I love you, B! Please don’t be mad at me.

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