The Sea and I

The sea and I? Lame title, huh? Sorry, my brain is not functioning properly. 
Anyway, we had a very nice day out from office last week. We rented out a small yacht, sailed out to the sea and did a little bit of fishing. 

The yacht is from Xclusive Yachts. (Click the link, they have nice photos of the yacht)

Xclusive 4 is our entry level fly bridge yacht. Set over three levels, she is spacious and elegant with a stylish lounge, two comfortable en suite bedrooms and a large sunbathing deck. The saloon features a fully equipped galley with microwave, oven and fridge, cleverly blended into the same comfortable area, making a superb entertainment room with all round views to enjoy. The upper deck has a comfortable seating area and viewing platform.
Length: 48 ft
Capacity: 12 Guests
Crew: 2 Crew
Bedrooms: 3 bedrooms

I do not have claustrophobia but when I went below deck, I immediately felt dizzy. I was sweating profusely and I needed air … badly! So I just went back up and enjoyed the breeze.

The cabins were really tight. I don’t even remember how I managed to use the toilet. I never knew I could be so …bendy. We stopped somewhere to do our fishing business. Everyone got their rods and waited.

Fish. They caught one. I didn’t. 🙁

Then we saw this island. The captain, whom we fondly called Captain Jack (mainly because I can’t remember his name … he’s got this really nice exotic Kenyan name), told me that this is an island owned by the Sheikh.

A private island! With your own ship!!

Ahhhhh… the good life. 
We ended the trip with a short swim and a very hearty lunch. I wish we had done this when the weather was still good.

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