The IHop Experience

I had an appointment with my chiropractor last Thursday. From the office, I went straight to the clinic. No Lunch, no snacks. The appointment was at 430. So imagine what’s going on my tummy by the time I got out of the session. 
After the wonderful back breaking and bone cracking, I went to Mall of Emirates to meet the “Bitter Half” and the Little One. And because I was starving, I decided to have breakfast for dinner! 
Pancake Menu

I’m eating Pancakes for dinner. Booyah!

Ihop Syrup Bottles

Syrup Bottles

Spot the little fingers eager to eat!

Appetizer Sampler (extra order of Onion Rings coz they ran out of Mozzie Sticks)

Pick-A-Pancake Combo

Pick-A-Pancake Combo

cinnamon apple

closer look of the Cinnamon Apple

 Again, spot the tiny fingers!

sirloin steak tips dinner

Sirloin Steak Tips Dinner for the “Bitter Half”


The Verdict:

I find it expensive for “breakfast menu”. A pancake is a pancake! It was a good pancake but I can do that at home, right!? As for the steak tips, it lacks flavor. The corn was dehydrated and mashed potato is.. well, mashed. There’s nothing fancy about it. 
Will I go back? Yeah, sure. If you’re paying! 🙂


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