The Baby and The Hives

This post has been sitting on my drafts for some time now. I just couldn’t make myself finish it. When I said B got sick during our vacation, she really got sick. The kind that needs to be hospitalized! 

It was so hard to see her in pain. The only consolation was that her medications made her sleep most of the time.

It all started here:

With Tita Jack and Lola – Paradise Resort

This was taken during our first week in the Philippines. We went to a beach resort with the family. See the sand? It wasn’t fine at all. At one point, she slipped and wounded her knee. Of course, we cleaned it up and expected it to dry up normally.

Three weeks after the incident, her wound still won’t dry up. It has pus and it got big. In fact, it became three mounds of angry yellow pus. I decided to bring her to the ER coz she’s nursing a fever already.

We had blood work done and of course the results weren’t good. The doctor told me that 1) we have to be admitted in the hospital but since B was still active, 2) we could go home and give B antibiotics on the condition that we bring her back after 2 days.

We decided to just treat her at home. She was given oral antibiotics (Oxaclen [Cloxacillin Sodium]) and a topical cream for the wounds  (yes, woundS because we noticed that her elbows had some nasty cuts as well). True enough, they dried up. We went back to the hospital after 2 days to get another set of blood work. Results were good (as expected) so we went home happy.

We were very busy by this time because our flight was the next day. I left B with the nanny while I finished errands. When I came back home, B had nasty rashes She was still active then but with slight fever. I thought she developed the rash because of the heat so we washed her up and kept her comfortable. When her rashes were not going away and she suddenly became clingy, I took her to the ER once again. In a different hospital this time.

That’s when she got confined. The doctor said it could be an allergic reaction to the medications she took for the wounds. Apparently, sometimes there’s a delay in the manifestation of the allergy. B was given steroids and antihistamines.

We are just so thankful that we got through this without any other complications. And I would also like to thank her pedia, Dra. Maricel Juson. I’m so glad that she still remembers us despite being away for 2 years! Special thanks as well to the nurses in Meycauayan Doctor’s who assisted us. Thank you, sobra!!



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