Swatched: Models Own Mini Glitter Set

Was finally able to do my nails over the long weekend! Perfect time to try out my Mini Glitter Set from Models Own.
First up, Scarlet Sparkle. This is my favorite among the three. It has a red jelly base with lots and lots of glitter. Very easy to apply and perfect coverage!

This is Emerald City. I love the color but since it has a clear base, the glitters were not enough to cover my nails. If you look closely, there are some awkward spots.

This is Bluebell. Just like Emerald City, it has a clear base. I had to apply around four coats so the glitters would cover my nails. Apparently its not enough. 
Here they are all together:


And just for fun, here they are with matte top coat:

While Scarlet Sparkle can stand on her own, Bluebell and Emerald City would be great when layered on top of a jelly based nail polish. (Unless you like uneven glitter mani then that’s fine).

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