STAY: Rèsidence Les Grandes Alpes

September last year, we spent 2 nights at La Clusaz, France. We stayed in a charming chalet-style apartment which is just a 3-minute walk from the ski slopes…

Rèsidences Les Grandes Alpes


Each apartment has its own private balcony facing the mountains. Imagine waking up to this view … 

Les Grandes Alpes_ab&me_View


The apartment has 3 bedrooms which is just perfect for small groups. 

Les Grandes Alpes_ab&me_Room1

Room 1: Two single beds.

Les Grandes Alpes_ab&me_Room2

Room 2 : two single beds

Les Grandes Alpes_ab&me_Room3

Room 3: One Queen sized Bed

We stayed in the third room. 🙂 Notice that opening on the ceiling? It’s actually a window! Lying down, I could see the stars. What way to sleep, huh?


The kitchen area is fully equipped with dishwasher, induction stove, microwave, coffee maker and refrigerator. 

Les Grandes Alpes_ab&me_Kitchen

don’t mind our mess :p

The refrigerator door matched the cabinet doors so it is concealed. I started opening cabinets, inspecting the contents. 

Les Grandes Alpes_ab&me_Dishes

Les Grandes Alpes_ab&me_Utensils

I found this on top of our dining table: a cleaning set! So thoughtful. 

Les Grandes Alpes_ab&me_cleaningkit

The dining table is in between the kitchen and the living area. 


Bathroom and Toilet

The apartment only has one bathroom and one separate toilet. It was a bit challenging since we had two kids and seven adults sharing the facilities. Happy to report that there were no “accidents”.

Les Grandes Alpes_ab&me_Room3

Les Grandes Alpes_ab&me_bath

The toilet is behind me. It’s just a small room with a toilet. No faucet. No bidet. Challenging, I tell you. For one who is used to “washing” after, we had to improvise. :p

Living Room

Actually, the kitchen, dining and living areas are in one room. It’s not a big apartment, afterall. There is a flat screen TV, a three seater sofa bed and a couple of single seaters.  

Les Grandes Alpes_ab&me_TV

Les Grandes Alpes_ab&me_LivingRoom

If you noticed, the ceilings have different heights. So it’s advised to move with caution. I bumped my head several times during our stay. Nothing serious. It was actually a source of laughter for everybody. 

More photos of the place here: A Day in France and B’s 4th Birthday

The Verdict:

Rèsidences Les Grandes Alpes is a great place to stay. Highly recommended. The location is perfect and the price is very reasonable (we paid about 256 € for 2 nights)!

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