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First off, if you have been following me in Twitter or Facebook, you’d know that I’m not a Samsung user. I have heard a lot of good reviews about it and having to write about it convinced me that I should switch. Why? I’ll tell you. Read on…

Samsung Galaxy Note II has 5.5 inch screen and HD Super Amoled Display. Much bigger than what I am using now! It has better front camera too (1.9 mp). It also has longer battery life, multi-tasking abilities and the best part is I can write notes on anything!

Anyhow, I need to share with you an amazing app called Coach’s Eye. If this does not convince you of the awesomeness of Galaxy Note II, I don’t know what will! Because the Galaxy Note II has a bigger screen (16:9 screen ratio), it is the best gadget to use for viewing and analysing sports footage.

In the video below, Coach Jason Harrison will explain the features of this amazing app. He is the Head Tennis Professional at Eton College and he has been coaching tennis full time since 1994. You can check out his own health website, JH Health for tips and advice for a fit lifestyle.

To recap:

  • The unit has a wider and thinner body so it is very portable and easy to use for practice and shooting sports events. 
  • You can record the athlete’s movements and save them in the camera roll, import or send by email.

  • You can later review the footage and adjust the speed in order to provide analysis and feedback on the performance.   
  • You can TAKE NOTES and DRAW ON THE VIDEO clips using the S pen to emphasize areas that need improvement (WOW!!) 
  • You can also compare two clips using the split screen function. 
  • Add commentaries to the videos and send to email or social networks. 

Coach’s Eye is a paid app and is available for £3.30 on Google Play Store. To find more information on this product, check out the official Samsung Galaxy Note II Website, visit Samsung Mobile on Youtube and Google+, connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

 Disclaimer: Whilst this is a sponsored post from Samsung, all views and opinion are my own.

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