Skin Cravings – Part Deux

Cranberry Yoghurt, Strawberry Yoghurt, Dewberry Yoghurt

As mentioned in my previous post, I really love Skin Cravings body scrub. I already tried all three variants and they are all amaze-balls!

True to their name, they all smell like fruity yoghurt. It’s so hard to resist tasting them! My fave would be Strawberry Yoghurt because I’m boring that way. But Skin Cravings Cranberry and Dewberry are yummy as well. If you like to be “different”, you should definitely try Cranberry and Dewberry.

However, there’s one thing that I would like to comment on…

As much as I love the packaging, it’s really hard to control once you’re in the bath and already wet. I had an accident with my Cranberry Yoghurt the other day. It just slipped from my hand. I lost a good amount of product … sad!

But it didn’t break since the container is plastic so … yey! for that. I wish they’d come up with a solution to this “issue”. Maybe a slip free bottle? Rubber grip? I dunno… just something. =D

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