Seriously, I have got to start blogging again!
I still have this to swatch which I have been putting off because I like it so much and I don’t want to disappoint. I mean, after swatching this…what next? I wouldn’t want to turn the dream into a reality…I want it to remain a dream… (this is from watching too much drama!!) Seriously.


Although, my ultimate lemming is YDKJ in Suede. SUEDE!

Hello Nazih Trading!! When are you going to update stocks?

This is another polish that I have yet to try:

photo borrowed from makeupaddict77

I tried it once but I couldn’t make it work. Or maybe I was just too sick then. I’ll give it another shot maybe next week. Then there’s the Sally Hansen loot from Pam and a couple of Revlon polishes and stickers and stones and konad. OMG KONAD! I haven’t done that in ages.

I. must. swatch. soon!

My nails are bare right now. And short. I had another break last week. So I decided to go bare (sometimes I put Sally Hansen Hard as Nails) for some time. Will definitely swatch soon!

Till next post!


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