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I’ve been hinting about this review for a while now on Instagram (are you following me there? please do! @ab_andme on instagram). But with the blog redesign and migration, I had to put a lot of stuff on hold. Sorry!

Anyway, here it is! I received the package around two weeks ago. It came in a nice shoe bag which I think is a really nice touch. Makes it easier for travel. 


White Tulip

   I’ve always loved espadrilles. They’re comfortable and light.


White Tulip – Skos

White Tulip is made of lacey material which makes it “cooler” for the feet. 😀


To test it, I wore Skos on a dress down Thursday. It fits very nicely and I was comfortable all the way. Although, because I have a high arch, the top part of the shoe is quite snug. This is something I have to deal with any other shoe so this is not the fault of SKOS. 😀


I really had fun checking out designs on their website. Maybe I’ll get these next:

Inky Copete



Ack!! I can do this all day! So many designs to choose from. 😀


SKOS is a start up company in the UAE which sells hand made shoes from Spain. Their objective is to make these shoes available in the region at an affordable price. They are currently located in Sharjah.  You can check out their website – or follow them on their social media accounts : Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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