Review: Lenovo Vibe Z

Oh wow! I’m reviewing a smartphone! Ooops, did I just type that?! LOLSJust before I went for vacation, I was given the opportunity to try out the latest smartphone in town, Lenovo Vibe Z. I was more than excited to bring this baby home with me and I will tell you why. Read on:

First things first, I love my iPhone. I am more familiar with iOS than Android. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy Vibe Z. I was wrong.

Vibe Z is very thin and light. It weighs only 147 grams. It’s heavier than my iPhone but it has a bigger screen (The 5.5-inch (1920 x 1080) IPS touch screen). I am not a very techie person and I will not pretend I know all of these techie stuff so here’s where you go for the specs:

What did I like most about the Vibe? It’s camera, of course!! I don’t know about you, but being a blogger means you have to be always ready with a camera. You have to be ready to upload interesting stuff all the time. That’s why I love smartphones. I can easily share photos without having to carry a big bulky DSLR.

Anyhoo, Lenovo Vibe Z has 13MP rear camera and 5MP, wide angle lens front camera. FIVE MEGAPIXELS compared to my 1.2 MP iPhone front camera. That’s why Vibe Z is dubbed as the “Selfie Smartphone”. And tell me, who hasn’t done a selfie nowadays??

Here are some photos taken from the Vibe Z:

This was taken on the boat going to Paradise Resort in Samal Island, Philippines. Used the front camera, not bad, right?!!

This was taken somewhere in South Cotobato on our way back to Davao. This is not bad considering I was on a moving vehicle when the photo was taken. Rear camera.

 And of course, another selfie with the sis. (Excuse the goofy face)

I no longer mind that its and Android phone. It has almost everything I need. Apps-wise, its all the same. I used cloud based apps to store most of my photos since I only have 16 gb. (Unfortunately, the Vibe Z doesn’t have the option to extend capacity). Connectivity is amazeballs with 4G LTE.

Everytime I use my other phone, I miss the huge screen of Vibe Z. It’s very easy on the eyes. I now hate that I have to squint when using my other phone. LOLS.

Disclaimer: Unit was provided for me to review. Opinions are all mine. 


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