Quick Break and Gardening Update

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It’s quite a busy day in casa BabyMama. We’re preparing for B’s birthday gig. Nothing fancy, as usual. Just a couple of kids and some spaghetti. [Kids and spaghetti, they go together, right?]
I’m just taking a quick break from all the chaos. :0 

On a sad note, my basil plant died. Ugh! I’m beginning to think that I am not cut out for gardening!! It’s a shame coz I really want to teach B how to grow her plants someday. And of course, I want us to be cute when in the garden. LOLS! 
Look at these:

You can check here for more. And what about these:

Soooo cute, right? Anyway, let me grow my own herbs first then I’ll start teaching B. But for now, I have to go back to the kitchen and finish baking. 🙂

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