Potty Training at 21 Months

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We have started potty training “B” just recently. We’d let her wear big girl undies at home instead of diapers. 

She’s very happy wearing her “antyyy” but she still doesn’t want to sit on the potty. We just let her be comfortable and we continue to encourage her to use her toilet. 
The other night, I was sitting on the sofa and watching TV while B played just right in front of me. Then she climbed up to me and said “awie“. I thought she hurt herself and sort of panicked. Then I felt warm and wet. Apparently she decided to pee on me. Good job baby!! 

I guess she’s confused why there’s water coming out of her when she pees because she keeps saying “awwww… awwww” (just like when she feels hurt). There has been progress in the past few days as she now tells us that she made “wiwi” … after she pees. 
Baby steps. We’ll get there. ; )

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