Pink with Glitters

Wow, 2 days since my last update. I am getting sloppy! I have good excuse though. Busy with work, busy in real life. 😀

Ok, seriously…I have been busy and I am trying to have a good sleeping pattern. I’ve read somewhere that sleeping at the same time everytime will help you to get a long uninterrupted sleep. Lately I have been having nightmares and I am getting less sleep… that’s why I need to correct my sleeping pattern. So far it’s working.

I’m rambling! Sorry, got carried away.

Now, I don’t have much NOTD’s because I’m still waiting for my stash. I am waiting for Audrey and Jacques (wink wink).

Anyhow, I really can’t say that this is my Nail Of The Day (NOTD) since I’ve been wearing this polish for 2 days now.

This is QY Nail Polish. Probably a local brand. It’s a hot pink glossy finish. I topped it with Essence pearlised top coat. It’s more of glitter with tiny bluish green specks really.

I wasn’t able to capture the color properly but it’s really nice. Although, staying power is not impressive. It has chipped on several fingers already but I just like it so much that I tried saving it by adding layers. Check out my ring finger! It’s not noticeable in real life though.

Have you tried pulling off you manicure, McGyver style? (aka adding another layer or spot manicure?)


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