Palmer’s Hamper from MomSouq!!

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A few days ago, I got notified that I won. YAY!!

Yesterday, we went to claim the prize. We were on our way to Dubai Mall and found out that MomSouq office is near this area so we decided to pass by. Again, YAY!!

When we reached the office, I was welcomed by the MomSouq team. It was a bit overwhelming. The office has a very casual setting and it was everything that I have been wishing for (LOL!!) It was so casual that they have a polar bear in the middle of the room! I was so distracted that I wasn’t really my usual self. (I hope they didn’t think I’m weird or something).

Mom Souq’s very cute business card!

I was welcomed by Ms. Mona Tavassoli, founder of Mom Souq. Again, another overwhelming experience! We said our pleasantries and then she handed me over the huge hamper from Palmer’s Middle East. I didn’t know that they were going to take a photo of me so if you see a photo of a crazy looking mommy carrying a Palmer’s hamper, please don’t be scared.

Anyway, here’s what’s inside. A lot of goodies!! YAY!!

Blake wanted to help unpacking the box so I let her.

A closer look of the products. I’m really loving it especially there’s chocolate in it! Woooot woooot!

Moisturizers, lotions, body oil, diaper rash cream, nursing cream, lip balm, a candle, a book and a very nice towel. I suddenly feel like going to the beach with my towel and book.

I already finished “The Secret” so this is a nice follow up. 

I guess we all know what happened to the chocolates. Yes, I did not have a chance to eat it. It was all gone!! Nice job Baby Daddy and Blake. >.<

I’m so happy to be a part of Mom Souq. You can check out my blogger profile there. And also follow me on twitter (@shoutingw1nd) and like my facebook page if you haven’t!

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