Online Shopping – A Horror Story

Would you believe that I do not shop online??

Yep! The only time I bought something online is when I had to buy some skin medication for somebody. It became a regular thing. Every 2 months or so, I get a package and they automatically deduct it on my card. I did not put much attention to it since it’s a reputable brand. BIG MISTAKE!

A few months after, I received my card statement and got the shock of my life! I went over my credit limit! And I have to pay all these penalties and what not. I checked my previous statements and found out that they have credited me with items that I have not ordered. Three boxes of this, 2 boxes of that. Tsk tsk tsk!!

I called my card company and informed them of what had happened. Also, I contacted the company where I get my products from. After a few weeks I got my money back, but still I had to pay the bank all the penalty fees! Such a hassle.

So yeah, online shopping… I got one word: TRAUMATIC! To date I still don’t know how my card was used. It was a reputable company, they have secured pay sites, and I had transacted with them carefully. Maybe somebody from the bank? Because apparently the products were being sent to another location! I got no proof anyway so, I just cancelled my orders.

Whenever I need to buy something, I just ask my friends to buy it for me. LOL!!

Maybe someday, I’ll try my luck in buying online again. Thank you Sol for this topic for our blog carnival. This incident reminds me to be careful every time!

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