Of Super Heroes, Villains and Magical Characters

So I was at the Middle East Film and Comic Con yesterday. I was surrounded by Superheroes, villains and other beings that I have no clue what they are. 

So what was my super power? Well, I’m Super Mom, of course!  And my costume includes baby vomit. (true story!!) 

But it has to be mentioned that I was wearing the Evenstar. I took Blake around and most of the time she cried at the characters, even at the lovable, blue smurfs!


So we waited till the big blue smurfs left and we played at their “garden”.

Here’s Super Mom and Super Blake taking a rest. Excuse the “exhausted look”, that’s part of my costume!

I also took photos of my cold drink… I needed the caffeine!

There are tons of photos to share and I will post them on the other blog. Here are some and one of my faves, gangstah Mario and Luigi. 

Who would have thought that Cookie Monster has boobs?! 

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