Nobody is Perfect

I have been putting off this topic for quite some time now. But the deadline for Carnival Week 4 is nearing so I might as well deal with it.

I’m really finding this topic hard. And everytime my blogger friends ask me if I already have an entry I just say : “Wala. Wala akong imperfection dahil Dyosa ako” [None. I don’t have an entry because I’m a goddess]. Of course that was meant to be a joke because 1. I’m not perfect and 2. I just look like a goddess but (fortunately for you) I’m not.  😀

So, if I’m not perfect, what are my imperfections then?



I have a lot of scars. I got really rowdy when I was a kid. I have a huge scar on my knee because I fell off my bike. A small part of my foot had to be sewed up because I had an accident in a swimming pool. I got 5 stitches on my head too, because I fell off a trailer. I got burn marks, I got pock marks, I got a nasty scar on my arm (got that from a barbed wire) and there are lots more that I can’t even remember where I got them from.

I got chicken pox 5 years ago. Luckily I didn’t get any scars from that. And that’s got nothing to do with my post, I just wanted to share. HAHAH!!

Aside from scars, my teeth was never perfect. I got strong pearly (un)whites but they are easily damaged. (Huh? does that make sense at all??). My dentist would always have a hard time pulling my tooth because he says its really rooted and all. And at the same time they are so brittle that he can’t get a proper grip. It just crumbles to pieces. I got sweet tooth by the way. I loooooveeeddd chocolates and candies as a child. (and I often suffered from tonsilitis because of this). My teeth suffered the most.

I never had a full set and if there is something I have to be insecure about myself now…it would be this. Not having perfect pearlies. Looking back, I think this is the reason why I did not have the courage to pursue my dream of being a flight attendant. hmmmm…

I have back problems too! I have scoliosis. (a medical condition wherein the spine is curved, but mine is really mild) The doctor said that its probably because of my sudden growth during puberty. I stood 4’11 in first year high school. When we measured ourselves during PE in 2nd year, I was already 5 feet 6 inches! That’s when the back pains started. I still have them now, unfortunately.

I still have a long list to enumerate but I won’t bore you to death with my imperfections. But I will end this post with this:

I may have scars but its because I enjoyed my childhood. I got to play a lot and I learned through my mistakes (yeah, falling off a trailer… NOT GOOD!) I may not have perfect teeth but that will always be a reminder that I am a lucky kid because I got to eat chocolates and candy when other kids don’t even have proper meals. I may have back problems but that only pushed me to learn and enjoy a sport. Yep, I swim. I often brag that I was a part of the varsity team during college (even if I did not even try to compete… hey, I was only interested in the therapy.)

So there, these imperfections… they’re not imperfections at all. It’s just a part of my growing up.

… see I told you… “Dyosa ako eh!”


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