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Over a year ago, I started doing my “list” of things to do before I reach 35. I was able to cross out at least 7 out of 35 things. (pathetic, I know). I wasn’t able to finish them all before my deadline but I would want to cross them all out one day. (I’m not going to put any “end date” anymore).

1. Get insured – *new goal*
2. Make a Candle 
3. Host a theme party (80’s? Ugly Sweater? etc)  – Hawaiian themed party during winter!!
4. Learn basic cake decoration 
5. Dress up and have proper “dinner” with family 
6. Buy Mom a piece of Jewelry 
7. Open a Savings Account
8. Achieve my ideal weight
9. Run a marathon
10. Have an emergency fund.
11. Try a proper Moroccan Bath 
12. Learn Another Language
13. Attend a concert
14. Learn to play an instrument
15. Have a portrait of myself.
16. See a stage play 
17. Take more photos  – my favorite subject:  my princess!
18. Try Indoor Skiing
19. Take the day off on my birthday.
20. Donate Blood
21. Fire a Gun
22. Movie Marathon: Lord of the Rings
23. Have a family reunion (parents & siblings)
24. Hot Air Balloon Ride
25. Try Ice Skating
26. Watch 1o Best Movies Ever Made
27. Defeat King Koopa!!
28. Have an “Indoor” [Herb] Garden
29. Earn Extra $$
30. Make our family tree
31. Do Volunteer Work
32. Wear a wig and false lashes
33. Breastfeed for at least 6 months
34. Be A MOM (and not screw it up!)
35. Be a better person 
This list will be a part of this blog from now on. I’ll post updates every time I’m able to cross something out. I might also be adding stuff as I go along. 
Thank you for another year! 
PS. please send some love my way and join my blogversary party… it will be posted after March 19. Please please!!


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