My Birthing Story

September 20, 2011, Tuesday – The day started just like any other ordinary day.  I tended to my nephews, making sure that they ate their breakfast before going to school. Then I carried on with cleaning my room and supervising the renovation being done in the kitchen.

Around 4 pm, I decided that I’ll just make some pancit for dinner. While preparing the food, I felt the sudden urge to pee. I tried to hold it in but I just couldn’t! I literally left a trail of pee from the kitchen to the toilet. It was not much. Just trickles of water running down my legs so I was really confused if this is it. If my “water broke” already or I just experienced incontinence. 
I immediately texted my friend, Mindy. She said to go to the hospital already. So I took a bath, texted my brother to pick me up, logged in to FB and updated my status message [LOL, I know!!] When we got to the hospital, they told me that I’ll be admitted already and they’ll be calling my OB. At this point, I’m not really aware of the time.
I was transferred to the labor room and was hooked to a fetal monitor. I wasn’t feeling any contractions at all. I was just uncomfortable lying down. I wanted to walk and move around but the nurses wouldn’t let me since I already leaked amniotic fluid. My baby could slip out, they say. 
When my OB came, she checked my cervix and I was just 2 cm dilated. This was already 3 or 4 hours since I “leaked”. She told me that I will be hooked with IV and some meds to help progress the labor. After 8 hours, I there was still no progress. That’s when my doctor decided to deliver the baby via C-section. 
I was immediately transferred to the delivery room. Injected with morphine and “cleaned”. The doctors came to me one by one explaining their role in the whole thing. Anesthesiologist explained how she will help me with the pain etc etc. The Pedia explained that she was called to “catch” the baby and make sure every thing was OK. 
Everything was a blur after that.  I could see from the big bright overhead lamp that my OB already started opening me up and from my point of view, it seemed like they were mixing my intestines. Then the anesthesiologist and a nurse positioned themselves on top of me and started pushing my belly towards the other doctors. 
At exactly 4:30 am, Arwen Blake was out. The pedia showed her to me and I think I said something like… “weee!! kamukha ko!” [LOL!]
Then I remember saying: “Doc, pwede ba pasabay na ang tummy tuck?” [Doc, is it possible to do a tummy tuck?]
To which my doctor replied: “Next time na, pag naka tatlo ka na”  — LOL!! [Next time. When you’ve got three kids already]
They closed me up, transferred me to the recovery room and then to the ward. After a couple of hours, my baby was roomed in. 
All in all, the birthing experience was OK. We stayed in the hospital  for 3 days. The only downside is that I’m not allowed to take a bath and I was itching all over! Apparently its one of the side effects of the morphine. Also, my tummy felt really weak. I couldn’t move or sit properly. It felt like a huge chunk of jiggly jell-o. Luckily I have people around to help me.
It has been a week since my delivery and I’m very much tired, honestly. But I am also happy. Contented. 
Arwen Blake, you are so worth the wait and the pain. 

Sept. 21, 2011 at 4:30 am, 8.3 lbs



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