Modern Family (tv series) and Breastfeeding

I was looking for  a photo to go along with the topic but I couldn’t find the one where she was “exposed”. So instead, I’m posting this because it reminds me of how much I love her character! HAH!

In this episode, Gloria is to be seen breastfeeding Fulgencio while signing for a package. The delivery guy was obviously ogling at her. This scene also shows that Gloria’s breast was blurred. Also, Jay tells her to cover up. 

My two cents:

  • I love that she is breastfeeding. 
  • I love that she’s fighting for what she believes in. I really didn’t see anything wrong in the picture. 

Oh boy, was I wrong! When I checked Modern Family Facebook page, there were calls for boycotting the show because … drum rolls please … they blurred out the boob. Don’t get me wrong here, I am for breastfeeding. I admire people who really go out of their way to educate new moms out there that breastfeeding is normal.

BUT, I will not boycott a show just because they blurred the (breastfeeding) boob. This is what it is. Pervs will always look at you whether you are breastfeeding or not. There will be people who will be forever uncomfortable seeing a mother feeding her child. There will be individuals who will tell you to go cover or hide in the bathroom or simply leave. (By the way, I don’t agree with these people. I’m just saying)

The way I see it, this episode showed what it is like in real life. Moms will have to fight for their right to breastfeed. We have to be strong in what we believe in. And that even if our partners are not supportive enough, we should still give what is best for our babies. 

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