Mama Loves: Biko

All through out my pregnancy, I would crave for something with gata (coconut milk) and kakanin (native desserts usually made from glutinous rice). The easiest for me is to just make my own biko.

My mom perfected her biko by trial and error. At one point we had to go on hunger strike just so she would cook something else for merienda. I also remember my brother having biko on his birthday instead of a traditional cake. LOL!

If I remember correctly, I have made biko almost four or five times already in the past 3 months. This is how I do my biko:


Ingredients: Malagkit, Coconut Milk, Brown Sugar

Ingredients: Malagkit, Coconut Milk, Brown Sugar

Cook the Malagkit just like you would cook regular rice. I used a rice cooker. Mix the Coconut Milk and Brown Sugar. On a separate pan, slowly cook about a cup of coconut milk for the latik.


Once the latik is done, remove from heat. Continuously stir the brown sugar and coconut milk mixture until it becomes thick. Then add the remaining coconut milk, stir until reduced


Then add the cooked malagkit (sticky rice)

Continue mixing until the rice is evenly coated and “stickier”.

Prepare banana leaves and arrange

Voila! Biko with ripe mangoes!

Voila! Biko with ripe mangoes!


  The best part is this:

Dukot / Tutong dipped in coco jam!


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