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A few days after my 38th birthday, I crossed out an item in my bucket list. When we confirmed our US trip, I said this will be one of the highlights. I even bought new hiking shoes for this (well, actually, my mom bought me hiking shoes in one of our outlet mall trips… we went to 3 outlet malls!!)

Hollywood Sign Hike

Hike to the Hollywood Sign (as legally close as possible).

We left the house early to avoid LA traffic. We started our trek at Sunset Ranch gates. Here’s a google map link to give you feels of the place. A few meters after the gate, I was already hyperventilating … that’s when I knew it’s going to be a long day. LOL

Hollywood Sign Hike2

Because we were in a ranch, the stench of horse poop is strong. That did not help at all. It took a lot for me not to gag every time I inhale. Good thing I had my white flower oil with me. 

Hollywood Sign Hike8

We took a lot of photos during this trek. Aside from the fact the place is beautiful, I also needed to stop every few minutes to catch my breath. (I’m so out of shape!!). 

Hollywood Sign Hike3

We saw many hikers/joggers using this trail. Some of them we saw again on their way back down while we were still on our way up … we were THAT slow. LOL

Hollywood Sign Hike9

Did I tell you that we had to take breaks just so I can catch my breath? LOL. We also got lost and got a little scared coz the signal was low. Good thing we saw people again and just followed them. 

Hollywood Sign Hike4

The sister and I talked, laughed, huffed and puffed together. LOL. To think that it’s not that difficult a hike!

Hollywood Sign Hike10

I couldn’t give up. I had to go forward. It’s mental. I can do it. I’m not THAT fit, but I’m also not “not able”. I persevered. I won. 

Hollywood Sign Hike5

We reached the top eventually. It was worth it. Doesn’t matter that I was already walking sideways (I almost went straight for the cliff — walking sideways not a good idea!)

Hollywood Sign Hike5

Totally worth it. 

Hollywood Sign Hike7

I conquered Mount Lee. It was beautiful. Nevermind that my legs are on fire. Can you see the Hollywood Sign?

We took everything in, enjoyed the sights and then continued our trek down. We realized that we haven’t had breakfast so we went to China Town and had brunch. This was the aftermath of our hike:

Golden Dragon restaurant
This is a story I will tell my grandchildren over and over again. Making awesome memories while I can so I have something to brag about when I’m old and gray. 😀
Hope to do this again, preferably with A and B. 

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  • docgelo

    I love the second to the last sentence in this article. I so agree. We make memories now and make it vivid until we’re old and gray. 🙂

    Hiningal ako sa hike nyo. Nagutom ako sa Chinese! 😊

    October 26, 2015 at 2:33 AM Reply
    • Sheila | A B & Me

      Doooc!! haha… nakakahingal sya talaga. LOL. ang bagal na nga namin maglakad, tawa pa ng tawa. ayun…inabot kami ng syam syam.

      Bonggels ung chinese dimsum… busog lusog!

      October 26, 2015 at 7:55 AM Reply

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