Hello 2014!!

Ooops!! I’m still alive. Has it really been three weeks since my last post?! 

Got caught up in the holiday rush + family visiting that I did not even have time to update my blog (s).  My brother and nephews just left this morning and while I will miss them terribly, I am also relieved that I can now find more time to blog (Sorry brother!! I love you!)

The last 3 weeks has been hectic. We have been going to malls, waterparks, mountains. Tiring but 100% fun. Plus I got to spend time with B and the boys. But before I go into full blogging throttle, I leave you with this photo:

My Baby is all grown up!! 

Anyhoo, I will be sharing experiences, uploading photos and documenting everything on the blog (s) in the next couple of days so … please bear with me.  And oh, Happy Holidays!

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