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Preparing for Delivery Day
Having a baby is an exciting time, and preparing for delivery day is part of the fun. While first time mothers can be intimidated by all of the steps that lead up to the amazing moment of delivery, there are ways to prepare for this once in a lifetime experience. This preparation can help ease worries and allow mothers to enjoy their last few weeks of pregnancy.
It’s A Marathon!
Many doctors suggest that giving birth is like a marathon. No one would suggest that someone run a marathon without training, so how could we expect mothers to go through childbirth without some training? The best ways to prepare for childbirth are to get plenty of rest and relaxation before the baby comes and eat a wholesome and healthy diet. This helps ensure health of both mother and baby. Engaging is exercise is important, although it should be discussed with a doctor before beginning any type of regimen. Childbirth preparation classes can also help mothers learn techniques to ease pain and encourage comfort during labor.
Visiting the Hospital or Birthing Center
Visiting a hospital or birthing center before delivery day allows the mother to ask questions about the process, as well as find out specific information about that particular institution. For example, mothers will want to know if the child rooms with the mother, how visiting hours work, and if rooms are private.
Packing a Hospital Bag
Most doctors recommend that women have a labor bag ready at least three weeks prior to a due date. This bag should include materials for the mother, such as pajamas, comfortable clothing to wear home, nursing bra, slippers, nursing and menstrual pads, toiletries, hairbrush, snacks, phone numbers, and a camera. Items for the baby, such as diapers and a going home outfit should also be included.
Other Arrangements to Consider
Human resources can help arrange maternity leave and disability payments weeks before the baby is due, allowing mothers to eliminate this concern during labor and delivery. Those interested in cord blood banking should speak to their doctor to see if they can help with the collection of the cord blood. Cord blood needs to be collected immediately following delivery so you need to plan in advance for this. A last minute preparation item could be arranging for childcare for older siblings and pet care for any cats or dogs.
While it may seem like a lot to do at first, the steps to prepare for childbirth are relatively straightforward. These steps will help fill up those days prior to birth, and add to the excitement of delivery day!
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