Goodbye 2015

I challenged 2015 to beat my year in 2014 … I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was mind blown at what 2015 gave us. And that is why I’m excited for the coming year because I know it can only go better. But before we talk about 2016, here’s a quick summary: 


  1. US vacation started by end of February … this would be my month-long break (which took me the rest of the year to blog about!)
  2. I started investing in (Philippine) stocks through the Truly Rich Club. Yay for the future!!
  3. I was able to cross out a few items from my list!
  4. This is also the year I gave in to the adult coloring thing :p
  5. I had a few spa reviews throughout the year. I’m a sucker for spa time! πŸ˜€ (you can read the reviews here, here and here)
  6. We also had a few staycations (unfortunately, I haven’t blogged about most of those coz … uhm busy! I’ll try to still post them though)
  7. We applied for Schengen visa in August — Here’s a post on how to do that.
  8. In September, we went to Switzerland! This is a big deal for us because in my 13 years in Dubai, I have not had 2 vacations in one year!
  9. We celebrated B’s 4th birthday in La Clusaz, France (I have yet to write about this…hopefully before she turns 5!!)
  10. This is also the year that Mr. A started writing on the blog! He will be contributing more regularly here so watch out for those posts!
  11. I finally finished my US post series. This last post is extra special because I was able to take a photo of me standing in two different states at the same time. LOL! 


Although our last post is a bit emotional, we are still grateful for the blessings we received throughout the year. 2015 has been good. Superb!

I’m so excited for 2016. We’re already planning our year as early as now! In between all the planning, we will still be posting some of the stuff that we weren’t able to share in 2015 (staycations, the trip to Switzerland, a quick stop in Germany, a 2 day stay in France, etc!!).

We might also have a redesign soon since Mr. A will be more active here and we don’t want him to be surrounded by all the “pinkness” of my current blog design. πŸ˜› (Any recommendations?)

Goodbye 2015. Thank you for a very memorable year. It’s a good thing I can always revisit the experience through this blog. We hope you had a good year too. 

Happy New Year everyone!!


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