Garden Project: Growing Celery

I have been wanting to have an indoor/small apartment garden for quite sometime now and of course, I never had the time to start. I have read all the tips and how to’s, and I know which plants I want to grow. I said I’ll start with tomatoes.
You see, as a kid, I had a very nice vegetable garden outside our house. I grew corn, string beans (sitaw), eggplants, tomatoes, mung beans (munggo?) and even bitter gourd (ampalaya). Harvest time is always fun! 
We just have to go over to my little plantation if we need veggies. Unfortunately, one storm washed away my garden and I never got to do it again. 
Fast forward to now, I finally had the guts to start my little garden. Tomatoes will have to wait for a while. I’m starting with celery coz I saw this very easy technique on pinterest.

Day 1

You need celery with base. Simply put it on a small saucer with water and wait for it to grow roots. Then transfer to soil. 
My celery base is suspended on a glass of water though. I will post weekly updates so we can all check on the progress of my little experiment. 
*crossing fingers*
You can check other bloggers doing the same project here.

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