Eid in Dubai 2013 Adventures : The Cheesecake Factory

Edit: I just realized, this is my 400th post! I never imagined I would come this far. WOW!!
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Going to The Dubai Mall during Eid is definitely an adventure. On regular days, TDM is packed. On holidays? Well, it’s over flowing!! You wouldn’t want to be in TDM when the zombie apocalypse hits. (Ooops! Morbid, I know. Can you tell I am a fan of The Walking Dead series as well?)

There is only one reason why I wanted to go to TDM. That is to satisfy my craving for cheesecake. Red Velvet Cheesecake. from the Cheesecake Factory — to be exact. So with the toddler in tow, we decided to brave the traffic and hordes of people going to Dubai Mall. The huge parking lot was full that I got dizzy with all the circling we did before finally finding a slot. 

We went straight to Cheesecake Factory only to find a very long line. (Ok, there’s always a long line there. ) I heard one lady say its about 55 minutes waiting time…WHAT? I didn’t want to wait that long to be seated and finally get my cheesecake. I had to make a plan. 

I went to the take out area and ordered my cheesecakes. Yes, not one but three slices. We ordered Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple, Chocolate Tuxedo Cream™ Cheesecake and Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake™.  The take out lane was a breeze. We then proceeded to find a table in the food court. I don’t mind eating at the food court as long as I am having my Red Velvet Cheesecake! I went home very very happy that day. 

And you know what’s more exciting? Cheesecake Factory liked my photo in Instagram!! Whoopee!

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  • Kero Pinkihan

    I’ve only been once to Cheesecake Factory — also during the 24hour Eid shopping last year. Red Velvet was aok but I think If I were to come back, it’s because of the Chocolate Tuxedo. It was my son’s choice and I love how almost bitter it was. I think they added coffee and peanut butter on it because it was so chocolatey decadent!

    October 27, 2013 at 7:58 AM Reply
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