Driving License Renewal: LTO has to learn from RTA

Hi, This is Mr. A. It’s my first time to post about something that I feel strongly about. This year I had the luck of having both my PHL and UAE license expire. In order to avoid any difficulties due to prolonged delay in renewal of my PHL license, I made sure that I renew my license as soon as I can.


The PHL Experience – Land Transportation Office (LTO)

I went back home to Las Pinas in August for an important event, I made sure that I also renew my license.

​Upon arrival at LTO – Las Pinas Branch, I was given a form and a number then was directed to go to a clinic for medical check-up.

At the clinic, I was asked to pay 250 PHP then asked to fill-up a form then was asked to wait.  

I waited for about 15 minutes.

I was then called to in the doctor’s office. The doctor asked me if I have hypertension, how long I have been wearing my glasses, etc.

She then asked me to remove my glasses and asked me to read those letters from a Snellen Chart. Then she said, “you can still drive without glasses” and stamped my form then sent me back to LTO.

Back in LTO, I had to line up to submit my renewal papers to the checker. After submission to the checker, I was asked to pay in the cashier, which was about an hour or two of waiting. After paying,

​ ​I was asked to wait in the releasing section which is another hour of wait. When I reached the releasing I was told to come back in March/2016 to get the official plastic license. I was only given the paper license which is valid for 2 years.

The UAE Experience – Road and Transport Authority (RTA)

We went to Switzerland this year, but before that we decided that it will be cheaper for us to rent a car than to use public transport, so we rent a 9 seater car. After I made the reservation, I realised that my license will expire before 3 days before our departure to ZRH, So I had to renew my license before that.

The process could never be easier!

I went to an authorized optical shop to get my vision checked. The result was submitted directly to RTA.

(The result was submitted to RTA before we even paid for the service !!)

The next thing I did was to login to RTA website to renew my license. I was able to select when and where I want my license to be delivered and that’s it. License valid for 10 more years.

One morning I heard one of the radio DJ here in UAE said that license renewal here in UAE is the easiest in the world​. I’m sure it is!​

LTO, please learn from RTA, we don’t mind paying extra if we get a fast and efficient service.​

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