Don’t Leave Your Kids Unattended

B -enjoying a walk in the park


I was up before the alarm went off. I made myself a cup of tea and had a piece of “hopia“. (I miss eating hopia…especially those square ones? Yum!!) Then I changed in to my running outfit when suddenly B was up.  She wanted to nurse again so I just said : 
“Do you want to go to the park?”
B: “yehey!! is is is (mumble mumble) go park!!” — she has been talking a lot lately. I’m lovin’ it. 
We were at the park by 7 am. I left her with the nanny (ate*) so they can go to the play area while I do a quick run around. Anyway, when I was done I joined them at the play ground. I noticed that there’s a little girl wandering around, playing with the sand … alone. I asked “ate” if she has seen the little girls parents. No. Apparently she has been there since we arrived more than half an hour ago. 
There were a couple of ladies doing some stretching and exercise nearby so I thought the little girl belonged to one of them. The thing is, the ladies left the area and no one bothered to check on the little girl. I’m starting to get worried. 
This girl is just about B’s age. How come she’s alone in the park? She doesn’t have her shoes on and it seems her nappies are full. No one else was there to play with her so she was just following B everywhere. I can see in her eyes that she wants to play. She wants to go up the ladder and down the slide …. just like B. We encouraged her to but she suddenly became shy. I asked her where her mama is … she just smiled and shyly stepped back. 
Again, why is she alone? Where are her parents? I can’t imagine leaving B alone like this!! We approached the security guard to inform him of the situation because we need to go home. I don’t want to leave the little girl but what can I do?! 
Then this security guard became defensive and said its not his responsibility to look after the child. He thought I wanted to leave my child with him. Huh?! I said “she is not mine and I am leaving. Please keep an eye on her. We don’t want anything to happen to this kid!! What if she falls? What if she gets kidnapped?” 
Ohhhh my imagination is running wild!! How can people be so careless with children?
Then I noticed a woman approaching the child. So the mom is actually around! Thank goodness!! I asked if this is her kid and she said yes. She also said she’s just walking nearby … she’s keeping an eye on the child …from afar! (Oh GAD!!) We left the park after making sure everything is alright. 
I don’t want to judge, ok? But why leave your child? I’m all for teaching independence and all but don’t leave your child like that. (sigh!!) What if your child falls and breaks her neck while you watch from a distance? It could happen, right? 
Am I over reacting? What would you do in a situation like this?
*Ate – (pronounced as “Ah – Te”) Filipino word for “older sister”. 

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