Disney On Ice – Dubai

 September 12, 2014 

Never thought I’d be able to watch a Disney production live! As a kid, I remember wanting to watch Disney on Ice but it never happened (although my mom insists that we watched this live when I was young … no photos, it did not happen … right? 😀 ) When Abi (Cuddles and Crumbs) offered her extra tickets, I did not waste time. I said YES immediately. #noShame

Disney on Ice

B was excited. But I was more excited than her! When the show started, I had tears in my eyes. I couldn’t stop crying tears of joy. It’s like my childhood dream finally coming to life in front of me. Our seating location was not at all bad too!






Awesome performance by Ariel who kept on swinging and turning above without any net or anything to support her if things don’t go as planned. Brave girl!! 

By the second part of the show, B suddenly lost interest. Probably because she doesn’t know the characters anymore. Yep, I haven’t introduced her to Belle and the Beast. In my defense, she’s more interested in Pocoyo and Peppa Pig!

 My fave part of the show is Beauty and the Beast, of course. I can’t stop singing along!  


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