Dior Addict Vernis: Divinely Pink

A couple of months ago I was gifted with a bunch of nail polishes. Two of them were Dior Addicts Vernis. I checked online for any description of this particular nail polish but all I could find is this (photo removed):

This is called Divinely Pink. Did you see the gold shimmers on this one?? **love**

It’s a beautiful pink. More like old pink, almost vintage. And the gold shimmers are just to die for.


My camera is not doing justice!

Application is very very easy. No problems with the clean up too.


I took all of these pictures in natural sunlight but I can’t capture the awesomeness of this nail color.

I can’t stop looking at my fingers. Pink with gold shimmers is love, love, love!

But still its a mystery to me why I can’t find any info on these bottles. Are they discontinued? Are they old collection? Any Dior enthusiasts out there who can help me out?

Till next post!!

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