Desert Rain

It does rain in the desert. And honestly speaking, I have mixed feelings about rain in Dubai. I’ve been here for almost 11 years now and I can say that I’ve experienced weird sudden change of climate. One moment you’re enjoying the cold, then extreme heat the next day. 
Yesterday was no different. It rained yesterday (and it has been forecasted that weather will be unstable for a couple of days). 

Normally, I enjoy the rain. It makes me feel “like” home.  I like the “smell” of rain. It also brings back memories of me having a nice hot bowl of lugaw (congee) or chicken sopas at home.

Who doesn’t like hiding under the warm covers and just spend the day in bed?

And because there’s only two types of weather in Dubai — Hot and Hotter!, we try to enjoy the rain as much as we can. But then, when there’s rain, usually there’s traffic jams and flooding. After all these years, nothing much has changed in terms of drainage and sewage systems. 
Also, rains usually means that we are transitioning to the hotter months. I’m so not looking forward. :/


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