Currently – May 2017

Currently MAY 2017

May has come and gone! So what was I up to? There’s been a lot of things happening all at the same time so blogging naturally took a back seat, again. But, we’re still active in social media — sort of. Here’s the rundown:


feeling overwhelmed. May has been a whirlwind in our household. There’s going to be a big change and adjustment for me in the next few months. And I’m not just talking about the little human growing in me. I finally did it. I fired my boss. I’ll be jobless in a few days! It makes me happy and at the same time it scares me big time. Aside from that, we had a health scare in the family (something I’d like to keep to ourselves for now). 

starting to buy newborn stuff. Since I will be leaving soon, I decided that we should buy the stuff we need as early as now. As I grabbed the newborn diaper (size 1), I looked over at Alvin and said, 

“I can’t believe we are back at one”, to which he replied, “Who knew we would be starting over at 40!”

It’s scary, this pregnant at 40 situation. 

…planning our homecoming. Yep, we’ll be staying in the Philippines for a while. It’s school break for B anyway so might as well stay there so she can meet and bond with her cousins. I also plan to deliver little snowflake there so it’s going to be a long “vacation”. 🙂

…thinking of baby names. We still do not know exactly what little snowflake is. B wants a sister so they can be twins, she says. I told my doctor that I don’t want to know, I want it to be a surprise because … hey, I probably won’t be surprised this way again right? (altho, my doctor kinda hinted what the baby is… I wanted to karate chop her head. LOL)

As long as the baby is healthy, I’m ok with it. So, baby names … hmmm.

…enjoying my newest obsession. Essential oils!

It all started when I was staying with my sister in LA a few months ago. I told her I’m having a hard time sleeping because of my clogged nose … something I suffered while I was pregnant with B. I’m guessing it’s hormones, right? So, she turned on her diffuser with some oils. It helped me big time! 

Fast forward to now … 

I decided to move one level up and started using good quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. I figured, if I’m going to inhale this, might as well be good quality, right? So, yeah … I’ll probably be sharing my EO journey here as well. 

YLEO Blake

My apprentice helping with oil blends …

What’s up with you lately? 🙂

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