Challenge Accepted

It may not show but this year has been tough on us. It feels like 2009 again (ok, that was “dark ages” for me .. long story)

Anyway, I am trying to be positive and all thankful but sometimes I just need to stop and concede. That’s exactly what I did a few days ago. Took deep breaths, cried out of frustration and then had some tea. Of course talking to friends helped a lot. 
So when Mindy extended this challenge:
… I just had to accept. 
It also made me think of things that were “right” this year. After all, I was able to see two epic concerts
I still have exactly 32 days before 2013. I just know that things will get better from here on. 
Thank you Mindy for putting me back on track. Gratitude!! #thankyoumoreplease
Mindy is a long time friend, a TV addict, my blog mentor and a believer of positive thoughts! She also reads my stars. HAHAHA! Check out her blogs: Too Much TV and Mindy Over Matters.

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  • MindyTV

    Like!!! #thankyoumoreplease!

    November 29, 2012 at 11:57 PM Reply
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