Celery 2.1

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Remember when I said I wanted an indoor garden and I started with a celery? Yeah, it didn’t work out, right? 

Celery 1

So I started all over again. And sad to say, it also did not work out! I waited too long to transfer on to potted soil.

Celery 2.0

However, I decided that I will not give up easily. Growing celery is no rocket science … right?

Celery 2.1 – the beginning

And so, I started over. Fresh new start. I did not blog about it then because I didn’t want to jinx it. 
Celery 2.1


More progress! This time I wasn’t going to wait any longer. By day 23, I transferred my plant.

I cut a soda bottle about 3/4.

Made a hole on the cap. Pulled a ribbon through it. It’s supposed to be a string but I don’t have any strings at home so I made do with what I have.

Put the cap back on. Placed dirt inside while carefully placing the ribbon around (to distribute water supply evenly)

I placed water at the bottom part of the base where the other end of the ribbon is. This is where the plant will get its water supply from. Just need to change the water every now and then.

Voila! Celery 2.1
Hopefully this one will survive! *cross fingers*


I’m starting over. AGAIN. 

The plant didn’t survive. 🙁 

The base rotted and the new stalks rotted away with it. What am I doing wrong? 

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