Carnival Week 7: Online Friendships

The topic for this week in Team Carnival is all about Online Friendships. My first reaction – “This is going to be easy!

I’ve been “online” since the ancient times (dial-up era…our connections literally crawls!) I would always say that I owe my typing skills to online chat rooms. I know there are people so much better at typing BUT among my friends, I’m the only one who could type using both hands, not looking at the keyboard with 95% accuracy, typing 60 wpm. (I don’t mean to brag, just saying… LOL)

Over the years I’ve met a lot of people, from interesting to downright nasty. I’ve had really cool online friends who taught me a lot of “online tricks”. They were so good, they could be friends with Acid Burn and Crash Override. I also met really nice girl-friends whom I shared a lot of my secrets and fantasies (yep, I have fantasies LOL). Two of my “relationships” started online. But just like IRL (in real life), online friends come and go.

I have outgrown mIRC, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo chat. I am now more careful of my online activities. And I am more selective when it comes to online friends. I no longer have contact with my old online buddies but I am happy with my current friends. I am more than blessed because our friendship does not end when we shut down our pc’s.

They are always there when I need them. From blog templates to setting up an online store. Online gossip to personal struggles. Heartaches to funny bloopers. They have been generous to me and I am happy to have them in my life.

In fact, I don’t call them online friends anymore. To me, they are simply : FRIENDS.



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  • Pammy

    I totally agree on this one. I have also met people online and I no longer consider them as online friends. For me, they are already my friends. 🙂

    May 22, 2010 at 1:21 PM Reply
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