Carnival Week 2: All about Nail Care

In high school, I took vocational courses. One of them was Cosmetology. We were taught how to perm (using Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion … ), make up basics, manicure and pedicure.

So what’s my basic nail care regimen?

Ideally, one should do full mani/pedi once a week.It’s not advisable to push and trim your cuticles or to buff your nail beds everyday. Changing nail polish everyday is ok as long as you moisturize.

To keep my nails clean, I just use mild soap and a tootbrush. Sometimes I’d do sugar scrub (sugar mixed with olive oil/baby oil).

And for our Carnival round up:

Mara of BeLikeWhat gave a full review on different nail services while Mindy got carried away on her nail care. Leela of Pinoy Health Hub badly needs some TLC, good thing there’s Myra e to help her. Michelle of This Pinay’s Point of View says she wears gloves to protect her nails. Lastly, Lelila of My Digital Traincase gives practical advice on nail care!

That concludes our Carnival Week 2. We hope you join our next topic: Your take on Online Shopping hosted by Lelila. Submit your entries on or before April 25!

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