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This Baby Mama received some breast feeding advice from THE Baby Mama. :p

I’m still a newbie when it comes to breast feeding. I’m still establishing my supply and still learning the proper way to latch. A few weeks ago, I decided to buy some lanolin cream (Lansinoh Nipple Cream) because I’ve heard good reviews about it. I needed the remedy badly because my nips are killing me.

I found out that BABYMAMA sells Lansinoh Nipple Cream. I immediately emailed her and bought the product. She was very kind to give me some pointers… she suspects incorrect latching is the culprit (just as I figured)


If doing cradle-hold while sitting down/semi-reclining:

  • Use a nursing pillow – this brings baby to needed height and doesn’t easily slide off compared to a regular pillow.
  • old baby facing you from head to toe. You should be tummy-to-tummy.
  • Place baby’s head closer to the middle of your arm, not the crook of your elbow.
  • Hold your breast with the hand not holding baby, tickle baby from nose to chin repeatedly until baby’s mouth opens wide (as big as a yawn).
  • ONLY then do you bring baby  to your breast, use your hand to guide your nipple to your baby’s mouth.
  • Pull the chin down so that the lower lip down is jutting outwards (like a fish).
  • Chin should be pressing against your breast.
  • Signs of a good latch: mouth, jaw and ear is moving. Sometimes, swallowing sounds can be heard. ZERO pain.
  • If your breasts are large, you can squeeze them as if forming a breast burger with your thumb in line with baby’s upper lip

If breastfeeding on your side, here are the tips that apply:

  • should be tummy-to-tummy
  • baby’s nose (not mouth) should be aligned with your nipple so that baby has to tilt back head a little
  • your lower arm should be on your pillow, baby’s lower arm should be raised towards her head
  • do not support baby’s head with your arm, let baby’s head lie on the bed and let your breast lie on baby’s arm
  • support your and baby’s back with a pillow so both of you won’t lean away

Also, try  the laid-back position. You should be semi-reclining with baby on your chest  in between both breasts. Laid-back position lets baby decide when to latch. Gravity should help with a deeper latch.

You can read more about it here:  BREASTFEEDING SOLUTIONS TO TOP PROBLEMS
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Thank you BABYMAMA!

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